PhD Student and other roles.

With regards to the PhD I am doing, it is part of my pursuit to impart my knowledge and experience to others and contribute to the body of human knowledge.

Tuesday 29 June 2021

For anyone out there mildly curious... what happened next...

I may fill in the blanks later, but after a bruising journey, which I have actually written a great deal on, privately, I have arrived at a career destination. It's fairly 'public' though I've tried to be discrete about it. Rather than becoming a full time schoolteacher, or a college teacher (not for a lack of trying for the latter!), I was recruited as a part time computer science lecturer by University Academy 92.

That was short lived, about two to three months. I was then given the full-time role of course leader. That was last year. As the last few first year undergraduates approach the end of their year, Block model means that those who started in January finish next month, it feels like 'mission accomplished', and now work begins on the second year.