PhD Student and other roles.

With regards to the PhD I am doing, it is part of my pursuit to impart my knowledge and experience to others and contribute to the body of human knowledge.

Wednesday 24 July 2019

Things one does...

So I've ended up in an odd situation, my PhD moves forward like a glacier; it is in motion, hasn't stopped, but slowed. However my back is against the wall, proverbially speaking, lots of personal thoughts here about my age, family situation, e.g. I became a grandfather etc.

My answer? Like a crazed ferret, meeting all the deadlines within days and even hours at times, I set about studying for a PGCE in Computing, let's add a feather to the cap and get paid well do it. To this end I was awarded a British Computing Society scholarship last year.

A few days ago, I received my QTS Certificate from the DfE. That's Qualified Teacher Status from the Department for Education. It was a journey that almost broke me and is almost worthy of a book in its own right.