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With regards to the PhD I am doing, it is part of my purist to impart my knowledge and experience to others and contribute to the body of human knowledge.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

The end (of the Survey) and a begining (of the paper)

The survey was concluded a few months ago, I've extracted and analysed the results, written a draft paper on the results; I'm finally ready to publish my results.

Analysis was interesting, most Q-Sort papers use various analytical tools out there. But as they're quite old my supervisor said something quite amusing, 'PhD Computer science, using Fortran, Pascal etc. based tools, no!'

So off I went and learnt some more Python, science kit etc. and wrote some code to perform principal components analysis and  functional analysis. I asked a friend, who has a Computer Science PhD and an A-level A in maths about functional analysis, and his reply was "an analysis of your functions?", at which point I returned to reading more books on the topic.

The survey page was taken offline by the hoster as their spam blocking blocks any mention of "'" on any pages hosted by them. I told them they've cut off a good junk of the British academic community, to no avail.


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